Swarm analytics? How do you get your results?

To get a better understanding of what Swarm Intelligence is, we found a page that sums it up perfectly. Bringing that to this application it basically means that with swarm intelligence you could be able to predict up and/or downwards movements based on what people say or think. A great platfrom fort this that is widely used among cryptocurrency traders is Twitter, so that is where we get our data from. How does this work?

This application is monitoring every tweet about an cryptocurrency on Twitter by "${Symbol of the Currency}". When a tweet is found with the corresponding symbol, the application checks if the keywords "Mo0n", "H0ld" or "Pump" (in multiple ways) are present in the text and saves the results. The result of this is that we are able to show you how many times a currency is mentioned on twitter etc.

Feel free to use the data the way you like. Follow us on twitter and / or join our telegram channel to get realtime notifications when the "MoOn" keyword is mentioned for a currency 5 or more times in 1 hour. Please don't forget to share on social media and leave a tip if you like this application. This way we can keep this application up and running and add more features is the future.